Pay Per Click


For PPC to be most effective it needs to be a part of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, alongside Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). An effective SEM strategy helps to create effective, quality, optimised landing pages for both organic and paid searches, generating better results for both PPC and SEO campaigns.

PPC campaigns provide success within three well-defined goal sets: Awareness; Conversion; and Engagement. 


If you are looking to get to the first page of Google quickly, PPC is far more effective at achieving this goal in a timely fashion than organic/SEO tactics. With awareness-led campaigns the goal is always to see your company name, product, or service in that search result. Clicks are a bonus at this stage and when they occur should be directed to informative landing pages.


Looking to promote a particular product or service? Running a special or sale on a certain product? PPC is your best friend! Running a cost-related, conversion-orientated PPC campaign will put that promotion in front of people searching for key words relating to that particular product. They will be able to see the offer, and if price is their key motivator, clicking the ad would be a solid indication of buying intent. Landing on a store page or a one-click away from purchase page will increase chances of conversion.


Building brand engagement is the next step on from awareness and akin to conversion just in a slightly different way. Encouraging the growth in community or interaction with quality content can be achieved through PPC campaigns. Successful PPC campaigns can inform a new audience of a social platform for your business, a community platform for your business, or help to create a mailing list by promoting free/data capture lead content such as content services or downloads. Landing pages should be focused on driving engagement, including the ability to share the content and capturing data to drive future engagement.

What are the benefits of PPC?


As you are only paying per click, you can assign a direct cost of each visit to your website and calculate the cost of achieving your defined PPC campaign goals. ROI is key when measuring the success of campaigns and no ROI is more specific and measurable then that of PPC campaigns.

If you know each click costs 0.12p or £5.85, you know that when that figure is spent the person is one step closer to achieving the goal you have set out.

The effectiveness of conversion now becomes an internal challenge, but the lead generation aspect of the marketing plan has been tackled in a measurable fashion by PPC (alongside a structured SEM plan).